How to mix house paint for acrylic pour?

How to mix house paint for acrylic pour?

Acrylic Pouring Basics

Acrylic pour painting is a type of painting that uses acrylic paint and a pouring technique to create unique and interesting designs. The key to success with this type of painting is to use the right ratio of paint to water. Too much water will make the paint runny and difficult to control, while too little water will make the paint thick and difficult to pour.

The best way to mix house paint for an acrylic pour is to use a 1:1 ratio of paint to water. For example, if you are using 1 cup of paint, you would use 1 cup of water. Once you have mixed together the correct ratio of paint to water, you can add in any other desired ingredients, such as colorants or silicone oil.

Once you have mixed together your paint, you are ready to start pouring! Pour the paint onto your canvas in any design that you like. You can use a variety of pour painting techniques to create different effects. For example, you can use a circular motion to create a swirl effect, or you can pour the paint from different heights to create a waterfall effect.

Experiment with different techniques and have fun! Once you are finished pouring, leave the painting to dry for at least 24 hours. Once it is dry, you can add any finishing touches, such as a varnish or frame.

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